What We Buy

Items we take:

  • Vehicles – Cars, motorcycles, heavy trucks, semis tractors
  • Semitrailers
  • Tin – bikes, roofing, playground equipment, farm fencing wire, propane tanks that have been

depressurized, fuel and oil barrels that have been emptied, Appliances (microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, washers and dryers)

  • Farm Machinery
  • Stainless – pipeline, bulk tanks, milking cans, pots and pans
  • Aluminum - beverage cans, siding, window and door frames, boats, vehicle rims, radiators
  • Brass – Faucets, door knobs, keys, gun shell casings
  • #1 Cast – automotive, tractor and machine type cast
  • #2 Cast – water and stove type cast
  • Lead – Wheel weights
  • Lead Batteries
  • Vehicle Motors and Transmissions
  • Copper – pipe, tubing, sheet, electrical wire, radiators, heater cores
  • Electric Motors
  • Convertors

Items we take for a charge:

  • Tires
  • Appliances still containing Freon

Items we do not take:

  • Electronics – Televisions, computers
  • Metal containers that are pressurized or contain a hazardous substance such as chemicals, pcbs, flammable liquids, explosives or radiation
  • Road Signs, City Sewer Grates and Manhole Covers – Except from local and state governments.
  • Beer Barrels – They are owned by the brewery unless you have a purchase receipt
  • Railroad Materials – They are the property of the railroad unless you have written proof stating otherwise.


We do not accept certain materials for processing because they are sources of hazardous substances to our employees and the envirmoment, these include radioactive materials, explosives, flammable materials, free-flowing liquids, corrosives, poisons, chemicals, pressurized or enclosed containers. Examples are televisions, monitors, computers, electrical ballasts and light bulbs, paint cans.

We ask that propane tanks have the pressure released. You can do this by removing the valve. Chemical containers such as fuel and oil barrels or paint cans must be dry inside. We do accept devices containing freon such as vehicles or appliances. We are licensed to remove freon from these devices. If an appliance is brought in still containing freon we will charge $15.00 to properly dispose of it for you.